Below are our pricings and descriptions for our catering services

Catering from the Food Truck:

We are so excited to bring our truck to your event! Listed below is a pricing option for having our truck cater your event.

(If this is the option you are leaning towards, it's important that our truck not to travel more than 30 miles from our location in West Asheville. Our business rides on the mechanics of the truck and we need to respect her boundaries. Thank you for your understanding.)

  • Minimum: Weekday- $500, Weekend-$1,500

We have a very busy regular schedule and weekends are a hot commodity these days. This minimum reflects our required sales to cover our regular Friday and Saturday weekend and Weekdays shifts in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Pricing for our truck will fall into this minimum unless it is exceeded.

  • Booking Fee: $500

This is our flat rate booking fee we require to secure your date. This is in addition to the minimum. This fee allows us to make the necessary arrangements for your private event including staffing, travel time and any changes to our regular schedule.

Please contact us directly for payment options.

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